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The angry Bird 2 Movie now Available in hindi



The angry Bird 2 Movie now Available in hindi

BlueRay of the angry Bird 2 movie org 5.1 channel Hindi+English Now available on amazon prime 

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  1. Rent HD $5.99 or SD $4.99
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Hindi Trailer

The Angry Bird 2 Movie Review

Sony Pictures India roped Kiku Sharda, Archana Puran Singh and Sharma, who are voiced by King Leonard, Zeta and Red respectively, in The Kapil Sharma series. Expect them to carry the atmosphere that their complex sketch shows. The Tamil and Telugu dubs of The Angry Birds Movie 2 were not released by Sony India.

The Angry Birds 2 (2019): StoryLine

In The Angry Birds Movie 2 the flightless angry birds and the planned green pigs are taking their beef to their next levels! When a new threat comes up, which endangers both Bird and Pig Island, Red (Jason Sudeikis), Chuck (Josh Gad), Bomb (McBride) and Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage) enlist Silver (Rachel Bloom) and Leonard (Bill Hader), Courtney (Awkwafina) and Garry (Sterling K. Brown) for a dysfunctional truce and form an unexpected super team to save ticks.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 2019 Movie Review: The Angry Birds 2 Full Movie (Hindi Dubbed) Review: I didn’t have high hopes for this movie, but it turned out to be much better than expected after the first 15 minutes.

There’s plenty of laughs for children as well as a lot for teenagers, but I’m not positive for older kids and teens. As the slap stick worked well, I enjoyed the silliness as well as the jokes. It also rattles along at a good pace for anyone to get bored with little time.

The movie does not claim to be anything other than what it is, harmless fun for the kids. There are no philosophical overtones, and it has the lightest of stories, but no one should be deterred.


Unlike the previous film, Rovio Animation and Sony Pictures Animation co-produced thesequel. Although materials from the first film could be recycled instead of starting from scratch, extensive research was needed to make them compliant with new technological frameworks that have been implemented over the past few years. The animators faced great challenges in trying to create more realistic feather systems for the plumage of the Birds, even with the aid of the existing feather system of Sony Pictures Imageworks first used in Stuart Little, especially when it came to designing the villain Zeta, the most difficult character to animate in the movie with more than 1,000 controls.

The face structure is very complex and the tall, flexible torso. The team also faced a challenging task in creating visual effects for the film for snow, ice, water and fire, and the production was also influenced by the unavailability of certain animators used to complete Spider-Man: in the Spider-Verse months prior, as well as the amount of time lost due to Sony pushing the release date ahead of the movie by more than half a month.

Box Office Collection

The Angry Birds Movie 2, for total of 149.5 million US dollars worldwide, has risen by $41.7 million in the US and Canada and $107.8 million in other territories as of 27 November 2019.

It was planned to make $2.6 million on its first day in the United States and Canada, third and $5.7 million on its second day in gross $16-18 million from 3,800 theatres. The result was a six days rise of $16.2 million (including $10.6 million for an opening weekend), and it came into fifth place. The promotional process made the sequel the same as the first and crowded locations, which contributed less than one-third to the $38.1 million release of the first film.